Launch your business on Saint-Denis

A central artery in Montreal, Saint-Denis Street stands out by its architecture typical of Montreal, its central location at the heart of the Plateau Mont-Royal, and its numerous well-established businesses in the neighbourhood. Apart from its intrinsic qualities, the street offers unique development opportunities in Montreal: support for renovation and revitalization, entrepreneurial contests, pool of premises for rent, etc. For new merchants wishing to establish a business, Saint-Denis Street is an artery with enormous potential. 

PRAM - Artère en chantier: financial assistance for merchants and commercial real-estate owners

Designed in order to support business people in their renovation projects, the PRAM - Artère en chantier is a unique tool to enhance commercial arteries. By highlighting the interior and exterior architecture and design of businesses, the PRAM - Artère en chantier allows business people to carry out work such as renovating facades, as well as modernizing and rearranging stores, in order to make commercial arteries that were subject to major underground infrastructure work (reconstruction of water supply and sewer networks) more appealing.

Financial assistance offered to business people and commercial real-estate owners covers up to 40% of the cost of eligible work, including:
  • Facades of a commercial building located on the first floor or basement,
  • Replacement, renovation, or modification of openings,
  • Canopies,
  • Exterior signs,
  • Exterior lighting,
  • Building permanent terraces or improving physical access to the building,
  • Overhanging or decorative architectural elements,
  • Exterior walls,
  • Interior renovation,
  • Framework and foundation, and
  • Pitched roof.
In addition to the amount that may be offered to the commercial real-estate owner or tenant for carrying out the work, an additional amount that partly cover the fees of professional services is offered once the grant has been approved. The amount corresponds to 50% of the cost of these services before tax, at the most 7.5% of the cost of eligible work.

To know more about this program, contact the Saint-Denis Street CDS and have a look at the web page of PRAM-Artère en chantier of the Ville de Montréal.