Ambrosia Santé

Ambrosia is this "essence of immortality" at the origin of this state of awakening that the body, heart and spirit reach when they are in perfect harmony and seem to be one. Ambrosia is a holistic health care center that offers a global approach including a complete range of health care: a personalized approach where you will find attention, welcome, [...]

4150 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-504-7886

Artizans 4/22

Beauty and wellbeing salon that combines personal care, beauty trends, relaxation and inner health. Specialized in naturally curly and frizzy hair. Organic and vegan juice bar, store, handmade cosmetics, and services of holistic wellbeing. Book your appointment online by clicking this link:

3916 Saint-Denis    Tel.:438-386-3665

Beauté Business

4129 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-982-6672

Camil Coloriste

Hair salon specialized in hair colouring. Our experienced hair stylists are always paying attention to the latest fashion trends on the international scene, and will suggest a hair cut that's adapted to your personality.

4417 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-848-1731

Centre de santé dentaire St-Denis

Since September 2014, the Centre de Santé Dentaire St-Denis has a new owner, Dr Nakhlé. It is with great joy that Dr Rita Cimon passes on the torch to Dr Louis Nakhlé who will make it his duty to offer you the best care at the moment that's best for you. In order to do so, we have extended our opening hours. Our mission is to promote health [...]

4729 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-844-4411

Centre Sri Aurobindo

The Centre de Sri Aurobindo is a bookshop, a meditation center, and a spiritual learning community dedicated to making known the teachings of its famous Indian philosopher, yogi and guru Sri Aurobindo, and its successor, Mirra Alfasa also known as The Mother. "Sri Aurobindo was a great yogi, a visionary who worked hard for India's liberation before [...]

4125 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-845-2786

Clinique dentaire Dr S. Heydari

Whether it's for dental cleaning, a routine check or for more complex treatments, the Clinique Dentaire Dr Heydari & Associés is there to meet all your needs. Our general dental care allow us to examine your teeth in detail and detect any cavities or other problems. We usually take x-rays along with dental cleaning in order to give you a more precise [...]

4615 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-842-9274

Clinique médicale Rachel Nguyen, Van Phuc

4298 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-849-2261

Clinique Révolution

Clinique Révolution is a chic and avant-garde medical aesthetics clinic. Come receive your treatments in a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere. We offer the advanced injection techniques of BOTOX®, the treatment of wrinkles with Juvederm®, the Vampire Facelift (platelet-rich plasma), PRP treatment, and laser removal of hair with Lightsheer® Laser. [...]

4519 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-528-9996

Clinique Vétérinaire Féline

Clinique Vétérinaire Féline inc. has been working in internal medicine and dentistry for cats for 20 years. Our main goal is to extend the life of your cat while offering them a good quality of life. This is why we use quality products and offer a range of complete services at the clinic.

4102 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-284-3178

Club de Santé Lian Yee

Club de Santé Lian Yee teaches traditional Chinese martial arts according to "the way of style". At the Club, learning and practicing Wing Chun Chuan, Tai Chi Chuan, and Lion dance is done in a non-violent spirit of collaboration and mutual respect.

4510 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-284-5445

Coiffure Le Margo

Hair salon for women and men.

4585 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-844-4790

Enigma Tattoo

3938 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-288-4400

Espace Ayurveda

Care center specialized in Ayurveda, traditional Indian medicine, that offers therapeutic counselling, ayurveda health care, specialized products, as well as training for the general public and professionals.

4675 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-845-7745

Essence de Mieux-Être

Beauty salon specialized in aesthetics.

3946 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-289-1778

Fuzz Wax Bar

Fuzz Wax Bar - Goodbye razor, hello gorgeous™ Fuzz Wax Bar™ is your destination for being fuzz-free and fabulous. Catering to both ladies and gents this sassy and sophisticated shop is dedicated entirely to waxing. From head to toe and everything in-between, our Fuzzologists™ provide superior services with minimal ouch-factor. Finally a great [...]

4395 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-844-3899

Institut La Duchesse

4745 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-688-6589

Le Saint-Jude espace tonus

Located right in the heart of the Plateau Mont-Royal, Le Saint-Jude Espace Tonus is a unique private club. Established in an ancestral church with a contemporary architecture, Le Saint-Jude is dedicated to physical and mental wellbeing. This gym and Nordic spa combines physical training and active recovery. Our team of health professionals is entirely [...]

3988 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-357-4222

Les Matantes

4523 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-379-3006


Tattoo shop x Art Studio by Veronique Imbo & Alex Peyrat

4169 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-836-0700

M2 Coiffure

Hair salon.

4733 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-507-5336

Mekka le studio

Mekka is an education concept that offers stimulating programmes that incites to a new open state of mind. Mekka is for beginner or expert hairdressers as well as trainers or experienced artists looking for a contemporary and innovative cut approach.

4672 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-755-3552

Michel Benoit Massothérapie

Certified massage therapist and member of the FQM. Massages have long been associated with luxury or treat, but they are now more and more acknowledged as an efficient alternative way to improve your health and wellbeing. Scientific research has proved that a massage is a lot more than "cocooning". By improving blood flow, the massage helps bring [...]

3891 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-433-5659

MTL Tattoo Nord

In 1997 begins a great adventure for Tatooatouage in the midst of the Quartier Latin. Throughout the years, commitment and professionalism became our core values and allow Tatooatouage to blossom. After having offered to several artists the possibility to sharpen their style and identity, we decided to open a second store in order to meet the ever growing [...]

4525 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-288-9767

MTL Tattoo Sud

In 1997 begins a great adventure for Tatooatouage in the midst of the Quartier Latin. Throughout the years, commitment and professionalism became our core values and allow Tatooatouage to blossom. After having offered to several artists the possibility to sharpen their style and identity, we decided to open a second store in order to meet the ever growing [...]

3933A Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-848-9767

Nail Art

4398 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-844-5251

Ongles à la Française

4593 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-843-1996

Ongles Élégant & Spa

Manicure, pedicure, nail application, hair removal, eyelash extensions, Shellac, UV gel, air brush, handmade designs

4316 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-985-0707

Pharmacie Jean-François Gagnon

3826 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-284-0303

Planètehair Coiffure

Planète Hair salon was founded in 2008. However, most members of the team have been working together for nearly twelve years. Our salon only uses Goldwell's quality products, where a large selection of rich and shiny colours are available. Among the range of products offered by Goldwell, you can also find natural and hypoallergenic hair colours. [...]

4595A Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-270-3232

Rouge Bar à Ongles

4065 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-840-3003

Scotch & Scissors

Hair salon for men, barbershop.

3803 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-284-2887

Sincity Tatouages

SinCity Tattoos and Piercing was established in 2005. We are proud to be one of the most sought after shops in Montreal. All of our artists are award winning and dedicated to the art of tattooing. We practice the highest standards of sterilization and protecting “you”, our client. We specialize in customized projects and have a renowned artist that [...]

4107A Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-903-6969

Studio du Sourcil 3D

3914 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-570-9441

Studios Vert Prana

Our studio offers a welcoming and vibrant environment for anyone who wishes to have a moment for themselves, whether it's to calm themselves or their pace of life, to rediscover and become more aware of the body, to find themselves in a spiritual way, or simply to stay in shape and sweat! Our yoga team is theme to support you in this inner journey [...]

4365 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-523-8717

Synergie Holistique

Bioenergy care that simultaneously focuses on the different dimensions of the being, body and mind, for a global healing of the health issue. Several techniques are used in complementarity and synergy including sonotherapy and chromotherapy, which aim for restoration, vitality and harmony through the free flow of Qi throughout the body, as well as the [...]

4375 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-845-7419

Tatouage Royal

4424 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-509-2905

Uniprix clinique Géraldine Ngassa-Happi

4298 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-849-4486