Artefact Montréal

4117 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-842-2780

Arthur Quentin

Located on Saint-Denis Street, Arthur Quentin is a real institution that reigns on its little corner of the street and has several fans. And for good reason! One can find absolute treasures for the home. You will only find quality items that you will keep for a very long time, we promise!

3960 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-843-7513


Audioville is a store that offers audio and video equipment, and is specialized in high-end products. In order to provide outstanding service, we make available two listening rooms, several open-space listening areas, a "lounge" section, and an impressive selection of headphones (more than 40 functional models).

4340 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-861-8050


B-Lux is a women's fashion lifestyle store located on the Plateau Mont Royal in Montreal. We carry a selection of some of the most sought out international labels. We also offer alteration and hemming services.

4440B Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-844-4100

Bijouterie Flora

4406 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-848-9838

Bijouterie Jacomo

4122 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-281-6466

Bijouterie Oz

Oz makes unique jewelry that will delight and bring a touch of radiance to anyone and everyone. The majestic curves of these handcrafted creations are of great elegance. Meet the creative force behind Oz Bijoux, Monic Dahan. Once you will have discovered her creations, you will understand that the word "force" is an understatement: this woman truly [...]

3870 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-845-9568

Boutique Courir

Established in the heart of the Plateau Mont-Royal on Saint-Denis Street since 1989, Boutique Courir Montréal is a unique concept in Québec. Spread on 15 000 square feet and 3 floors, our store offers a large selection of shoes, clothing, gear, and accessories from the biggest brands specialized in running, walking, cross-country skiing, triathlon, [...]

4452 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-499-9600

Boutique Dunia International

African store: masks, batik, music instruments, jewelry

4334 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-282-0215

Boutique Geekatorium

4323 Saint-Denis    Tel.:438-888-6873

Boutique Kaliyana

Unique designs created for the modern woman. Clothing, shoes, and accessories that can't be found elsewhere. Stores in Montreal, Ottawa, and Toronto. Contemporary and cutting-edge designs by a Canadian stylist. Original clothes that are of the latest fashion, designed for all sizes, from the smallest sizes to larger ones (sizes 6-24), and that [...]

4107 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-844-0633

Boutique KOKOON

The pleasure of objects is the reason behind this lovely urban store that contains a ton of design finds, both coloured and fun, which will make you enjoy your visit. A must when you are looking for an outstanding gift, Kokoon is also the perfect place to treat yourself. Objects are selected carefully by the owner and come from all over the world [...]

4440A Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-880-4898

Boutique Le marcheur

Located in the heart of the Plateau Mont-Royal since 1987, Boutique le Marcheur has become an important footwear destination in Montreal. Our mission : offering footwear in which our customers will be happy to walk with. This is why each pair of shoes in store has been carefully chosen to fit Montrealers’ lifestyles. In addition to style (after [...]

4062 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-842-3007

Boutique Ocean

4413 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-848-8980

Carré Blanc

At the Montreal store, you can fin the whole universe of Carré Blanc. From bedding to bath linen, Carré Blanc makes it easy to find all the products that made the brand famous: duvet cover, towels for adults and young ones, bathrobes, tablecloths...

3999 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-847-0729

Centre du Rasoir et plus

Selling and repairing electronic devices for the kitchen, the home, and personal care.

4124 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-845-6784


Selling new and used computers, components, and accessories, as well as designing web pages.

4526 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-849-2999


This bookshop is a real treasure vault for comics.

3882 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-499-8477

Deuxième Peau

Bathing suits and lingerie store.

4457 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-842-0811


The only store in America offering the real traditional espadrilles handmade in la Rioja, Spain.

4518 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-419-9922

Dix Mille Villages

Dix Mille Villages is the oldest and largest fair trade organization in North America, and sells fair trade accessories, decorations, and gifts made by skilled workers from all over the planet.

4367 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-848-0538

F. Farhat Lunetterie

Offering the best value for money to provide the best health for your eyes.

4269 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-360-4721

Fauchois Fleurs

THE FLOWERS At Fauchois fleurs, it is our duty to use only the freshest flowers, depending on the arrival and the season, for bouquets that last longer. THE PLANTS We offer a large selection of plants that combine beauty, quality, and vigour. Our experienced team will guide you in your choice and will explain how to take care of your plants. [...]

4683 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-844-4417

Fleuriste le Spot St-Denis

Florist specialized in arrangements, bouquets, plants and anything you need for your events!

4056 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-844-7838

Foot Locker

Retail chain of clothing, shoes, and branded sports accessories for adults and children.

4201B Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-288-0427

Futon d'or

Futon d'or is a family business established in Montreal since 1981 that sells mattresses and futons.

3855 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-499-0438

Galerie IMA

Store specialized in creative jewelry and accessories for jewelry making. Pearls and semi-precious stones, Swarovski, fasteners, silver clips.

3839A Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-499-2904


Californian company under the sun of the Plateau Mont-Royal! Fashion clothing for adults and children age 0 to 5.

4210 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-848-0058

Gap Kids and Baby

4228 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-844-2007

Georges Laoun opticien

Boutique carrying high-end eyewear and the latest technology in lenses with a flair for the arts!

4012 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-844-1919

Henri Cohen

Henri Cohen Opticien is an adventure that has been going on for 45 years and is based on one belief: that beauty and visual wellbeing must be available for all. We have transformed this belief into a philosophy. At Henry Cohen Opticien, we make beauty available for all.

4081 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-286-4200


4130 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-842-2020

Jeune Amérique

Jeune Amérique is a women's clothing store that offers quality and reasonably-priced items. You can find several collections from Québécois designers as well as clothing made with natural and organic fibers.

4391 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-848-9995

John Fluevog Chaussures

Since 2006, John Fluevog Shoes serves Montreal's happy Fluevoguers on the super trendy Saint-Denis Street. Established in what was once a run-down building (the floors were gone!), JF Shoes Montreal was transformed by John into an elegant store with Moroccan style furnishing (the setting up of the store was documented in HGTV's show Opening Soon By [...]

3857 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-509-1627

Klova Boutique Écoresponsable

Your environmentally friendly store ♻️ Reduce & Reuse! Skin care, beauty products, household cleaners in BULK.

4522 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-379-3221

L'Alchimiste en Herbe

Out team is made up of passionate herbalists who will be pleased to answer your questions, to help you take better care of your health, and guide you in your progression.

4567 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-842-6880

La Brise du Sud

A store where you can find bathing suits, fine lingerie, clothing for cruises, and accessories.

3955 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-845-6849

La Gamine

Québécois, Canadian and international designers

4109 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-849-1441

Le Valet d'Coeur

A fun place known by almost everyone, Le valet d'coeur is a must on Saint-Denis Street. It offers a very large variety of games that will please the whole family, as well as a ton of miscellaneous objects from around the globe.

4408 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-499-9970

Les Pierres Saint-Denis

Bead boutique offering a variety of semi-precious stones, accessories & other jewelry-making items.

3881 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-844-8880

Les Trouvailles Chandel

Les Trouvailles Chandel specializes in classical and folk Indian musical instruments. We also offer many accessories, clothing, jewelry, handicrafts and a large collection of incense.

4436 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-847-1898

Licari meubles d'ailleurs

Established in 1996, Licari Meubles d'Ailleurs is one of the pioneers of eclecticism and exotic furnishing in Montreal. With its unrivalled service quality, Licari offers to each client the possibility to buy unique furnishing with antique character and a durability that will last for generations. At Licari, we travel to far away countries to find [...]

4638 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-287-0279

Lin et Coton

Lin & Coton is a high-end store specialized in bedding and natural home textiles.

3873 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-658-1338


For Lolë, wellbeing is a state of mind that suggests a lively and loving nature in harmony with itself and its relatives. It is this state of mind that brightens one's eyes after a yoga session in the sun, a walk in the park, or a good laugh with friends. In the summer or in the winter, in the city or in the countryside, Lolë reveals your beauty and [...]

4075 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-507-3907

Lululemon & Athletica

Company specialized in technic items for yoga, running, workout, and any activity that makes you sweat. This is our online community for the city of Montreal, Quebec.

4361 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-849-3719

Lush Cosmétiques

We believe in making efficient cosmetics with fresh and organic* fruits and vegetables, essential oils of the best quality, and safe synthetic ingredients. We invent our own products and fragrances. They are freshly handmade and we use little or no preservatives or packaging, we use only vegetarian ingredients, and we write the date of production [...]

4067 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-849-5333


MAC Cosmetics, stylized as M·A·C, is a cosmetics manufacturer founded in Toronto and now headquartered in New York City and part of the Estée Lauder Companies. Offering more than 100 shades of professional quality makeup must-haves for All Ages, All Races, All Sexes.

4157 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-844-1757

Marcel Proulx Horticulteur

Store specialized in rare plants, quality flowers, exclusive furnishing and wonderful gardens.

3835 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-849-1344

Marrakech Store

In 2000, we opened our Moroccan store in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, in order to offer and introduce Moroccan crafts to the population. The items are directly imported from Morocco and are sold to professionals or private individuals. Since the beginning, our desire has been to offer a selection of decoration items with a good value for money. We offer [...]

3932 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-499-1953


4394 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-840-4440

Medina Palais

La Medina is a Moroccan and Tunisian crafts store located in the Plateau Mont-Royal in Montréal, on Saint-Denis Street. Come visit our Moroccan and Tunisian store and you will travel to souks and medinas of Morocco and Tunisia, which you can discover right here at Montreal's La Medina. Often described by clients as a treasure trove worthy of Ali [...]

3852 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-387-1579

Mes fleurs Online

Mes Fleurs Online combines flowers and fashion with impeccable taste in order to offer you the prettiest bouquets and arrangements.

4314 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-840-5756

Meubles An Nam

3854 Saint-Denis    Tel.:438-387-3220


3830 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-375-1651


Store dedicated to selling, buying, and repairing smartphones, tablets, and computers. Services: *cellphone repair *tablet repair *computer repair (hardware & software) *selling materials and computer accessories *selling cellphones and tablets *selling phone accessories *buying computers and phones *selling and buying game consoles *TV [...]

4100 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-800-1795

Montréal Informatique

3908 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-357-0891


Women's fashion by Christian Chenail

4467 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-848-9493


At NEON, it all boils down to one thing: the brands. The best, before-you-even-know-you-want-'em brands.

4251 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-845-2013


Nisse draws inspiration from the modern woman, designing head-turning clothes that combine classic style with a dash of daring. The chic and feminine universe of Nisse proposes an essential choice of garments, combining an impeccable tailoring and sexy femininity. Creations meant to instantly improve a wardrobe, from opulent cuts, cutting-edge blazers, [...]

4109A Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-284-9119


Furniture, luminaires, and accessories for the home.

4689 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-903-5731


Concept store offering women's fashion clothing and accessories.

4339 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-282-9994

Onze Montréal

ONZE MONTRÉAL clothing label is designed in Montréal and produced in limited quantities. Inspired by classic vintage feminine styles with a fun twist, you will always find a cute fit & flare dress, nautical inspirations, denim shirt dresses, polka dots and frilly laces and where florals are always blooming, even in the cold Montreal winters :) A [...]

4146 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-223-6938

Pierres d'Ailleurs

Established in 1992, specialized boutique with a large selection of: -semi-precious stones -jewelry -incense -North American Indian handicrafts such as dream catchers...) -Trolls We bathe in energy! We offer a variety of workshops on stones and energy. Follow us on Facebook for more information.

4377 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-849-9311


Beanies, tuques, fleeces, bandanas, caps, tees, hoodies, etc.

3865 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-381-6577

Qui dort dine

Surround yourself with natural fibers, they let your skin breathe and they get softer with time. Decorate your home to nurture and resemble you, highlight the things that make you happy or bring back good memories. Our state of mind affects our health and everything we do, every day. Choosing your home linens such as bedding, table and bath linen, [...]

4393 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-288-3836


With close to 30 outlets across Quebec, Renaud-Bray has grown to become the biggest chain of French-language bookstores in North America.

4380 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-844-2587


We have been providing the highest quality shoes, clothing, and accessories to the dance community since 1951. We also offer unique, in-house customization of dance shoes, individually fit for each dancer's comfort and performance. At Rossetti de Montréal, you will find a team of skilled professionals who will help make your experience at the store [...]

3923 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-842-7337

Sarah & Tom

Toy and giftshop

4383 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-845-4615


Women Fashion Clothes

4295 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-750-4227


Founded in 1935, the Stokes Retail Group has over 150 locations across the country and is Canada's only national chain of kitchenware, tableware and gift store.

4278 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-849-9924

Sun Valley Canada

4235 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-217-9962

Tan Tan Kat

Here at TTK we believe that everyone is creative, and everything you surround yourself with should inspire you! That’s why we make creative handmade soaps and bath products made to excite and invigorate all your senses. It makes a different world when we know that we are all born to create. Everyone is welcome to join our creative workshops [...]

3920 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-451-3888

The North Face St-Denis

4140 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-489-1517

Tif Clip

Professional hair products and items for all.

3901 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-288-4411

Ulysse la Librairie du Voyage

4176 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-843-9447

UM Studio

UM, a wedding dress design studio that focuses on providing a new shopping experience, is conveniently located in St-Denis the heart of Le Plateau. The UM Studio brings a new, high-end experience combined with one-of-a-kind style to your wedding.

3804 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-284-7707

Urban outfitters

4301 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-844-5944

Véronique D'aragon

Store and workshop of women's clothing.

3884 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-273-5225


Bijouterie Voyeur is an unpretentious store selling classic and sophisticated jewelry. Since the owner Ari Dikijian bought the establishment in 1986, he has assembled a whole collection of items that will not become obsolete over time.

3844 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-288-6556

Zao Homme

4156 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-559-5000


To share with you our passion for objects. Our stores, located in bustling urban neighbourhoods, offer a variety of decorative and practical products. Because you are our priority, we also offer numerous services to satisfy you. You would like to give someone a gift? It would be our pleasure to wrap it! OUR PRODUCT SELECTION IS OUR CALLING CARD [...]

4246 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-845-3530