Boutique Geekatorium

4323 Saint-Denis    Tel.:438-888-6873

Centre du Rasoir et plus

Selling and repairing electronic devices for the kitchen, the home, and personal care.

4124 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-845-6784

Klova Boutique Écoresponsable

Your environmentally friendly store ♻️ Reduce & Reuse! Skin care, beauty products, household cleaners in BULK.

4522 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-379-3221

L'Alchimiste en Herbe

Out team is made up of passionate herbalists who will be pleased to answer your questions, to help you take better care of your health, and guide you in your progression.

4567 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-842-6880

Les Trouvailles Chandel

Les Trouvailles Chandel specializes in classical and folk Indian musical instruments. We also offer many accessories, clothing, jewelry, handicrafts and a large collection of incense.

4436 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-847-1898

Lush Cosmétiques

We believe in making efficient cosmetics with fresh and organic* fruits and vegetables, essential oils of the best quality, and safe synthetic ingredients. We invent our own products and fragrances. They are freshly handmade and we use little or no preservatives or packaging, we use only vegetarian ingredients, and we write the date of production [...]

4067 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-849-5333

Medina Palais

La Medina is a Moroccan and Tunisian crafts store located in the Plateau Mont-Royal in Montréal, on Saint-Denis Street. Come visit our Moroccan and Tunisian store and you will travel to souks and medinas of Morocco and Tunisia, which you can discover right here at Montreal's La Medina. Often described by clients as a treasure trove worthy of Ali [...]

3852 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-387-1579

Sarah & Tom

Toy and giftshop

4383 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-845-4615

Savons et Provence

4082 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-475-3736

Tan Tan Kat

Here at TTK we believe that everyone is creative, and everything you surround yourself with should inspire you! That’s why we make creative handmade soaps and bath products made to excite and invigorate all your senses. It makes a different world when we know that we are all born to create. Everyone is welcome to join our creative workshops [...]

3920 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-451-3888

Tif Clip

Professional hair products and items for all.

3901 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-288-4411