À l'affiche

Founded in 1985, A L'AFFICHE offers an exceptional range of cinema posters as well as a wide selection of art reproductions, advertising posters, decorative images, and posters of all kinds. Our online store now offers a selection of our most popular posters. During the next few months, we will try to add more and more items.

4415 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-845-5723

Analyse Biomec

Services offered: biomechanical analysis, moulded orthesis, running techniques, selection of shoes and exercises.

4298 (suite 5) Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-909-7010

Assurances André Birbilas

3930 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-286-0777

Banque Nationale

National Bank is committed to offering a high quality service, and we attach great importance to your needs and your business relationship with us. Your satisfaction is our goal!

4506 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-281-9610

Café Ketch

Ketch Café is a drop-in center for street youth and youth with drug problems. We work in collaboration with the CSSS Jeanne-Mance to prevent sexually transmitted and blood-borne infections (STBI).

4709 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-985-0505

Cartouches Certifiées

Cartouches Certifiées is a business specialized in printing products. You can find a full range of ink cartridges from all brands at competitive prices. Our products come from the best companies on the market. Whether products are original, compatible or remanufactured, our standards are very high. Our products are certified CGSB, which is for the [...]

3813 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-544-0935

Centre d'affaires du Plateau Mont-Royal

Our mission with this new Centre d'Affaire is to offer a fun and quiet working atmosphere for a range of professionals. A complex where we combine business with pleasure, which increases the pace of work. Located at the corner of Saint-Denis Street and Mont-Royal Street, right in the heart of the Plateau Mont-Royal, makes this the perfect location and [...]

4485 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-332-9000

Centre de formation Contech

We want to be an industry leader regarding training and building exhibitions organization thanks to our exceptional customer service. We are attentive and are at the forefront of our industry by constantly innovating the content but also the looks of our events and training programs designed for building managers, architects, engineers, builders, manufacturers, [...]

4388-311 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-759-8900

Centre de solidarité lesbienne

Based on feminist analysis, the CSL's mission is to improve quality of life for lesbians by offering them services and interventions that are adapted to their reality, focusing on marital abuse, wellbeing, and health. The CSL is a place for and by lesbians where one can share experiences and help others. We also raise awareness about the different realities [...]

4126-301 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-526-2452

Centre québécois des mariages internationaux

Matchmaking CQMI is a dating service for serious men who want to meet the prettiest Russian women from Eastern Europe, Ukraine, and Russia. We organize Romance tours every 2 months in Ukraine.

4472B Saint-Denis    Tel.:844-589-2764


Commun is a creative communication agency with a strong taste for culture and education. Commun is convinced that conversation is much more than statements, and believes that the media sphere can be divided, cultivated, and shared. We respect differences and encourage shared points.

4169B Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-868-1011

Conseil québécois sur le tabac et la santé

From 2011 to 2025, we will help reduce the overall smoking rate in Quebec from 21 to 10%. Our interventions are part of the promotion of health and the development of healthy life habits. We will reach our goal by constantly showing leadership and by collaborating with organizations and individuals who actively contribute to reduce smoking.

4126-302 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-948-5317


CoopTel's mission is to offer telecommunications products and services that are varied and reliable, that evolve with clients' and communities' needs, and at competitive prices thanks to evolving technologies as well as competent and committed partners.

4543 Saint-Denis    Tel.:188-853-2266

Copie Express

Marketing support. Copie Express is the reputable reference in state of the art printing and a copier business offering printing services for companies, organizations, and individuals in every market.

4474 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-350-9009

Espace 313

ESPACE 313 is the combination of several minds that are creative, passionate and perfectionist. We create modern and bold commercial spaces.

3910 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-544-9900

Eurocar TT

Eurocar TT's mission is to make your holiday projects come true by offering simple and flexible solutions. Thanks to our experienced team that listens to your needs, you can now travel with complete peace of mind. Exclusive representative of Achat-Rachat Citroën, we offer attractive and competitive services: We rent new cars for a long-term period [...]

4017 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-274-4449

Expedia Centre de Croisières Plateau-TMR

Expedia Centre de Croisières Plateau-TMR specializes in cruises, travels, flights, and hotel bookings. Everything to make your dream vacation come true.

3945A Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-564-3644

Fetch Capital Humain

POPULAR TRAINING AND CONFERENCES THAT ARE APPRECIATED: Fetch Capital Humain offers safe value conferences and training that are tested, improved over time, and that have cause thousands of participants to be thankful for as they will make meaningful gains due to investing their time with us. CUSTOM-MADE PROGRAMS: For organizations and businesses [...]

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Mobile phone operator.

3820 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-678-3235

Frenzy tour

Frenzy Tours has a travel retailer licence from the government of Quebec. Frenzy Tours' trips stem from our love for New York City and sports. In November 2003, we organized our first trip to Buffalo for an NFL game, and then New York City followed. Due to the growing demand, we wanted to offer even more. In addition to our trips for sports events, [...]

4731 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-285-2777

Hôtel Anne ma soeur Anne

Hotel in the heart of the activities. All our rooms are equipped with a micro-kitchen, a complete bathroom and free unlimited Wifi. Private terrace on the back. Parking ($) available in the area. We will give you tips on events, special shops and other places not to be missed. The area is full of restaurants. Special promotions on our official [...]

4119 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-281-3187


3822 Saint-Denis    Tel.:438-386-9949

KZ Telecom

Mobile phone operator.

3903 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-777-2586

Le Bleu Balcon

Locate in the heart of the Plateau Mont-Royal, Le Bleu Balcon lodge offers five cosy rooms where comfort blends with the colonial decor. Located very close to downtown, this lodge allows visitors to reach main attractions on foot or by metro, which is close by. For bicycle enthusiasts, there is a bike path right in front of the lodge and there [...]

4420 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-982-0030

Mécanique Jean-marie auto

Auto repair. Call 514-844-8179 for opening hours.

4548 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-844-8179

Montréal Cowork

Montréal Cowork is the place where local entrepreneurs and those newly arrived in Quebec can focus on their business development and success. Thanks to its many resources, its luminous spaces and services tailored to its needs, it promotes creativity and mutual help between members of its community. Located in the heart of the Plateau Mont-Royal, Montréal [...]

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MontVR is the first center/arcade for VIRTUAL REALITY in the province of Quebec!

4605 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-447-7012

Ô volant École de conduite

ÉCOLE DE CONDUITE Ô VOLANT... ON THE PLATEAU MONT-ROYAL 4317, RUE St Denis, H2J 2K9...Driving school Ô VOLANT (2 minutes away from Mont-Royal metro station, on the orange line) Certified by the SAAQ and the AQTr. What distinguishes us from other schools: ✅ Almost no waiting period (you only have to wait for the mandatory delay imposed [...]

4317 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-357-6337

Ordre professionnel des sexologues du Québec

L'Ordre professionnel des sexologues du Québec makes sure to offer quality services by supervising, developing, and maintaining its members' competences. It promotes the profession, defends accessibility to services, and promotes sexual health.

4126-300 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-386-6777

Plein Milieu

Plein Milieu is a community organization located in the heart of the Plateau Mont-Royal since 1993. Its mission is to improve quality of life and life circumstances for youth, drug users, and people experiencing homelessness. Street work is practiced 7 days a week, from 8AM until midnight. The fixed site is open Monday to Friday, from 5PM to 7PM.

4677 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-524-3661


From wireless network, to digital cable television, high speed Internet, residential telephone service, and home automation systems, we have everything you need for the home.

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SDC rue Saint-Denis

Founded in 2010, the Société de Deéveloppement Commercial rue Saint-Denis is an organization dedicated to the economic development of Saint-Denis Street between Roy Street and Gilford Street. Nearly three hundred members are working in all areas of retail, services and culture. The team behind the SDC wishes to gather its members in order to form [...]

3875A Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-563-0697


Working with and for the First Nations is a particularly interesting task whose scope must include not only computer technologies but also the general question of cultural identity. In trying to resolve technical problems, we must take into consideration different elements such as territorial questions, cultural diversity, climate, etc.

4472B Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-495-0373


4202 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-845-3221

The Small Monsters

The Small Monsters is a design packaging enterprise located in Montreal.

4148 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-439-6594

Voyages turquoise

Founded in 1994, Voyages Turquoise is a general travel agency that stands out by its personalized customer service.

4285 Saint-Denis    Tel.:514-284-5080