Neighbourhood history

Saint-Denis Street was created in 1818 on Denis Viger's land and was named this way in honor of his patron saint. In 1870, the street ends at the intersection with the future Roy Street. Saint-Denis Street to the north of Roy Street was developed in the last third of the 19th century, after the establishment of a streetcar line which boosts the development of the Saint-Jean-Baptiste neighbourhood. In 1886, the development stops at Duluth Street and there are few buildings until Mont-Royal Street. The street is mostly residential at the time, yet there are a few businesses every now and then, mostly professional offices or headquarters. Stores appear gradually witht the development of the section. 

Source: Gabriel Deschambault, Société d’histoire du Plateau-Mont-Royal, September 2015.

Horse-drawn streetcar, Saint-Denis Street, 1887. Coll. STM